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As a home owner there are several bits of information that you should know before ordering a termite treatment.


• Your homeowners insurances will not cover termite damage or treatment in your home or business.

• Annually, termites do more damage than every natural disaster combined.

• A 24x8 foot area can be consumed by a single termite colony in only one year.

• Termites have been here for ages; they even survived the Ice Age and will continue to be here once we are gone.

• Termites can build their colonies to be about as big as a basketball, underground. There is an average of 500,000 termites in one colony; they are social insects just as bees and ants are.

• There are six members to a colony, such as: a queen, king, worker, soldier, secondary reproductive and alates or swarmers.• The average termite colony inhabits about 2 to 5 feet below the surface. They are below the frost line and above the water table; this is how they've managed to continue living for so long.

• When gathering food, studies show, that a single colony will consume from an area about the size of a golf fairway.• Within the termites foraging territory they may have thousands of sources for food that they gather from daily, and they are constantly searching for new ones.

• In Texas just one acre of land could be consumed with as many as twelve colonies.• Although termites are a social insect they do not socialize with colonies outside of their own.

• Although there are six different members to a colony on one of them does the eating: the worker. It is the only termite that has the one celled organism, protozoan, in his gut to break down the cellulose in to sugar, which they eat.

• The workers feed all of the other termites in the colony.

• Every year around April is when termites usually swarm. Once the reproductive termites, known as swarmers, make it outside they discard their wings, begin to mate and then burrow back into the ground to make new colonies.


Truly knowing the underlying facts will help with your decision in ordering a proper termite treatment. Information gathered from facts and entomologists all around the world shows that termites never go away. Sure you may stop them from entering a barrier or even wipe out a colony after a recommended treatment, but history has already proved that they will create other colonies and sustain life as usual. Every year, just before summer and fall, is termite swarming season. This is the time when termites travel and migrate to find and build new colonies. This is an important information to have to understand that treating for termites does not mean they will forever be gone. Nothing could be further from the truth.When choosing a termite treatment it makes the most sense to choose a plan that will provide ongoing protection and to have it from a business that can be trusted to have all of the latest methods, chemicals, and know how to do it and do it right. We at Cruz Control Termite Inc. stand behind what we our outstanding service. 


We hope that this information will provide some answers that you need to make a wise decision for your home or business. We are professionals, we want you to have all the right information to make the best decision possible. Cruz Control Termite Inc. will help provide affordable answers for all of your termite needs. 


Cruz Control Termite Inc. offer several termite services that will fit into any budget.

Below are the treatments options: 

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Cruz Control termite offers a Termite Protection Plan to all of our customers for a much smaller price than normal treatment costs. The whole idea is rather simple, it is like having termite insurance ​,​ ​j​ust as you have home, auto or life insurance. Many have asked why no ​insurance companies offers this, it is simple, there is too big of a risk. Statistically every home comes in contact with termites so insurance companies don't want to risk everything knowing that you will at some point have termites.


So as your ​termite and pest control company we offer you this protection, after all we do know what to look for and how to solve the problem. Termidor is the new solution that has changed the industry. It is the first termiticide that can wipe out a colony when applied properly​; it is the newest tool to help pest control companies to have an effective weapon against termites.



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