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Learn to identify threatening pests, understand their biology, diets, habits, and habitats — plus, find effective ways to control them. Assembled by our up-to-date pest library gives you information on termites, insects, and 28 common household pests. Select a category and a pest to learn more.

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When setting up a service, rather than charging you by the bug, at Cruz Control Termite Inc. we cover all your basic bugs for one general price. Below is a list of the insects covered in your inclusive service:

With us there is no need to sign a binding agreement or contract mandating future service. Although continual uninterrupted service does frequently enable you for free extra service requests and consistent pricing for one year from the initial treatment. 


  • Weekly

  • Monthly (Commercial and larger residential)

  • Bi-Monthly (New subdivision)

  • Quarterly (Most popular)

  • Annual

  • One-Time



Initial Interior Services:

  • All rooms are inspected for nesting spiders and treated as needed.

  • Interior spraying will be held to a minimum (no base boarding). Only door thresholds and active areas will be treated.

  • All first floor plumbing penetrations treated with residual dust in the walls where bugs harbor and enter your home.

  • Attics, behind the appliances and under carpets in corners of rooms (when foraging ants are present) a granular or gel bait will be placed.

  • Glue boards for insect monitoring and rodent control will be placed in garage and attics.

  • These are minimum initial treating standards done on every home. Treatment techniques will be added if certain infestations exist. 

Initial Exterior Services:

  • All weep holes, cracks utility entrances and any other potential entry points will be dusted with a residual dust.

  • A residual spray will be placed around all doors first floor windows, fascia boards and at the foundation line of the home.

  • Either a granular product or a spray (and sometimes both depending on severity of your specific problem) will be placed approximately five foot around the perimeter of the home, footage may increase depending on the size of your flower beds abutting the home.

  • Two types of bait (a fire ant bait and an insect bait) will be placed in the yard outside the other barriers up to 5000 sq ft and we warranty your yard to be fire ant free.

  • An exterior rodent bait station (if a rodent problem exists) will be placed somewhere around the garage area and around the outside air conditioner unit.

  • These are our minimum initial exterior treating standards. Treatment techniques may increase if certain infestation exists. 



Here, at Cruz Control Termite Inc. our reoccurring appointments are specific and hassle free. At the end of each service the technician will attempt to set your next service date and time. The evening before your next scheduled service date, if there is a possibility that your service will not be performed you will be notified and a new date will be set.  Weather permitting; we fully intend to visit on the date set by you, the customer. 


Upon return for reoccurring service we will perform the following:


  • We will leave additional replacement glue boards for your garage attached to your invoice for you to place beside your garage doors.

  • The residual granular or spray barrier will be refreshed around the perimeter.

  • The fire ant bait will be refreshed in and around the yard.

  • Active fire ant mounds (if visible and in existence) will be treated with a liquid drench method.

  • If an exterior rodent bait station exists it will be monitored and treated according to its needs.

  • Dusting of weep holes are done annually unless a specific need arises due to activity. 


Why do we do explain the treatment process to our customers?It is simple, you as the customer have expectations and it is our job to exceed them. Thoroughly explaining our inclusive service is just one step to inform our customers exactly what will happen at the time of service.


The average initial treatment of a property takes our technicians about one hour to complete and a reoccurring service takes approximately twenty to thirty-five minutes, (based on a 2,000 square foot residence, when serviced quarterly times may vary.)Why do we give you an approximate time of service?As a customer you compare what we do and how long we spend doing it, then associate our service value. Unlike other companies, who average about half of our service time, we thoroughly treat the property, as we know it is not possible to service a home in a shorter period of time.


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